The Next Generation Smart Lock

The only smart lock in USA with an integrated audio video doorbell with smartphone connectivity. No keys, no hassle, no fuss, altrosmart lets to you do more with less.

90 %

Elasticity Increase

80 %

Moisture Increase

80 %

Wrinkel Decrease

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How Does It Work.

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Altrosmart For Your Business

Altrosmart enables higher efficiency and productivity for your business. How? You ask!
Well, below you can find out how Altrosmart fits perfectly into varied business use cases.




Real Estate



Altrosmart for renting out to Students

With the electronic door lock from Nuki, time-consuming and costly key management is now a thing of the past.

Key management is one of the biggest hassles when it comes to student accommodations. Multiple rooms, students & variable accesses can quickly lead to confusions for the operator involved.

With Altrosmart, simplify your accommodation’s overall key management processes with ease. Give your student accommodation business the 21st century edge with Altrosmart.


The Special Formula

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Frequently Asked Questions

Altro Smart works with most standard doors. Since the Altro Smart lock is a complete replacement instead of an add-on device, it can be fitted on to most doors if the user follows the provided instructions.

Altro Smart comes with everything you need, including the video door lock, knob unit, screws, mounting plate and latch.

The lock comes with a physical key that can be used in case lock has run out of battery.

A total of 30 owners and guests can be added to a lock.

Altro Smart will eliminate your need for keys. Your phone and the smart keypad will unlock your Altro Smart device. In case of emergency, the Altro Smart Lock comes equipped with a traditional key and keyhole.

premium quality

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2 years warranty

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The Next Generation Smart Lock


All-in-one HD Video
1 Way Video, 2 Way Audio
Encrypted Cloud Backup
Remote Lock/Unlock
Real Time Notifications
Night Vision Camera

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